Mine collapse kills 1 in Myanmar, 60 missing

Mine collapse kills
Mine collapse kills

At least one person has been killed and at least 60 others are missing after a jade mine collapsed in northern Myanmar. Rescue efforts are still underway. Most of the casualties were illegal hoarders of mineral resources. This information has been given in a report of the British media BBC.

The landslide occurred at a mine in the Hapakanta area of ​​Kachin province around 4 a.m. local time on Wednesday, the report said. Myanmar is one of the largest sources of precious gemstones. However, in the last few years, there have been several fatal accidents in this quarry.

Jade mining is banned in the Hapakanta area but locals often disobey the ban. Unemployment and poverty forced them to go to the mines illegally. A few years ago, at least ten unskilled workers lost their lives in a landslide in a Z block in Aha Hapakant. Last year, 160 people were killed when a mine in Hapakant collapsed. Most of them were migrant workers.

Myanmar’s jade trade is worth about  3k trillion every year. Hapakanta is the largest mining area in the country.